Between March 24 and 26, 2023, Ateliervivo coordinated a Design-Build action as part of the Rec-Ant activities, an exchange celebrated between the Catholic University of Pernambuco ICAM-TECH and the University of Antwerp, Belgium.
The action, which included students from both universities, took place at the Ocupação Leonardo Cisneiros, organized by the MRLT Movement in 2021. The occupied building, Segada Vianna, is located in the neighborhood of Santo Antônio, downtown Recife, and has around 64 families displaced due to the rains of 2021 and also the pandemic.
Our 3-day task was to bring to life the civic space of the occupation – a place for meetings, exchanges and organization of the movement and which was devoid of any element that would allow for meetings. With this demand, the group built a mobile, two-part collective kitchen (with an independent cooking module and washing module) and five benches (including one for children) and a table. As a result of the action, the occupation began to have its civic space revived and able to receive and feed a larger group of people.

General Coordination: Architects Lula Marcondes and Natan Nigro (Ateliervivo facilitators)
Collaborators: Architect Diego Bis, Architects Juliana Hermsdorf and Maria Magdala
Production Assistant: Gean Matias
Students: (UNICAP): Amanda Padilha, Iara de Menezes, Gabriel Moura, Maria Cecília Cabral, Maria Luiza Braz, Marília Porto and Vinícius Almeida; (University of Antwerp): Dries Linthout, Jeffrey Ray, Lana Creve, Luka Adinda, Mika Krouwel, Tine Vande Capelle, Valérie Annie Aloïs Ruts and Xavier Houard.
Production: Ateliervivo and O Norte – Creative Workshop, April 2023
Support: Unicap ICAMTECH and University of Antwerp