In partnership with Professor Dyego Digiandomenico, Ateliervivo coordinated the International Design-Build Workshop within the RECxANT Exchange promoted by the Departments of Architecture of the Catholic University of Pernambuco and the University of Antwerp (Belgium). The goal was to provide architectural support to entities/groups that are at the ‘Front’ of a fight for urban decency in the Santo Antônio neighborhood. We worked with Galeria Lama, which asked us to build a device that could work as an activator for their urban intervention in the neighborhood. This device should be mobile, serving as a table, bench, artistic display and fashion display. We co-created, designed and built in 2 days the “Arruador“, a street activation device.

General Coordination: AtelierVivo | Professor Dyego Digiandomenico
Collaboration: Albino da Silva
Monitoring: Gean Mattias and Iara Cavalcanti
Participants: (Brazil) Emmanuelle Donato, Lara Telles, Maria Julia Feitosa, Nathalia Holanda, Vinicius Melo; (Belgium) Cédric Delbek, Manon Goedefroo, Noah Van der Bijl
Acknowledgments: Catholic University of Pernambuco, University of Antwerp, Professor Múcio Jucá