O Norte’s work has been nationally and internationally recognized through a variety of e-magazines e publications in Brazil, Italy, United States, Togo, Portugal, Colombia, Spain, and Germany.


Capoeira Angola at O Norte

O Norte is hosting the Capoeira Angola Group “Maior É Deus, Pequeno Sou Eu” which is offering classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from […]

FICA Recife

In partnership with architect Marcelo Bione, O Norte brought to Recife the First Itinerary Exhibition of the International Festival of Environmental Film and Video, […]

Funcultura 2013

O Norte is working on two projects sponsored by FUNCULTURA (the Pernambuco’s government cultural funder): Olindas Memórias Fotográficas (Beautiful Photographic Memories of Olinda) and […]

Funcultura 2012

O Norte produced the book “The Fantastic Story of a Jam in a Place to be Brazil”, focused on Indigenous and Quilombola children and […]