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Cubito © is an experimental architectural prototype with 8,2 ft side. One of its biggest assumptions is flexibility because, being modular, Cubito © can be coupled and rearranged in more than one module according to the client’s needs. It also offers social flexibility as it is designed to meet demands of space both for customers who would not normally access the architects service as well as for customers who can access these services.
Initially designed in wood, the basic module of 8,2 x 8,2 x 8,2 ft is bolted and can be developed in different types of material for the structure, locks, floor and cover. The prefabricated building system allows the development of a clean and fast work that can be easily reproduced in quantity. The light weight and the closing panels details allow constant air exchange guaranteeing a high quality environmental performance.

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Technical Information:
Executive Production and General Coordination
AtelierVivo | O Norte – Oficina de Criação

Diego Beja Inglez de Souza

Ivison Guedes

Ana Pedrosa
Bianca Oliveira
David Maciel
João Wanderley
Josias Ribeiro
Julia Lumack
Larissa Fonseca
Lucas Lucena
Matheus de Araújo
Rafael Rangel
Victoria Sampaio
Yuri Nascimento

Rodrigo Cândido (Photographs)
Pedro Sá and Hugo Bresani (Coletivo Chão)
Lucas Izidório (Coletivo Massapê)
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